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Sierra Adventure Sports

Sponsor Opportunities
A unique offering of sponsorship opportunities is available, please email us! Rather than cookie cutter sponsorships, we look forward to introducing you and your product into the lifestyle of our participants.

Event Timing
Let Sierra Adventure Sports time your next event, please email us!

Team-Building and Corporate Events
Imagine your team discovering how much more efficient they can be working together, sharing ideas and strategizing as a single unit to work their way through numerous tasks. We will bring your team an experiential learning event like no other company can. We don't work solely out of a textbook of team building ideas, we put on sizeable events all year that bring teams of people together to solve problems, with a focus on communication, efficiency and how to improve. The event will challenge all types of people, and their is no need to be athletic to be an equally important part of a team.

Sierra Adventure Sports can tailor a teambuilding program for your staff that will challenge the mind and body, as well as build on important team synergy. Our staff are all real world professionals from Stockbrokers to Marketing specialists, to Medical personnel. We understand the importance of putting together a strong team.

Tell us about your group and let us deliver to you ideas. Or, if you know what it is you want to do, we can outfit your group with kayaks, bikes, or even put together an event just for your team.

So that we might better help you, please let us know more about your group by emailing us with the answers to the questions below. We will respond with a couple of ideas for activities before formalizing a proposal:

Group size? Location? What type of industry are you in? Familiarity with Technology (i.e. GPS units)? Do you have a particular theme in mind? Is there an aspect of learning you would like them to experience? Outdoors or Indoors, or a combination of the two?

Past events have included:
Geocaching events
Mini adventure races suited to varying group abilities
Scavenger hunts & Amazing Races
Orienteering courses
Mountain biking group rides
Group river paddling
Turkey Bowling Tournaments
Carnival type games

Some of our events are as short as 2-3 hours in length, while others take an entire day or more. We have hosted a 2 hour event every day for a week in one office based on their need to serve customers simultaneously. In other situations we've had 300 people working together in teams to solve problems and finish a mini-race course. We are flexible, and interested in designing a custom event for your group.

For Team-building and Corporate Events, please email us!


I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for putting together such a great scavenger hunt.  No one, including myself, really knew what to expect, but everyone had a blast!!  We will definitely recommend you if anyone is looking for a great team-building activity.

Thanks again.
Allison F.




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