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When: Sunday November 9th, 12 noon

Check-in opens at 11am. Please arrive by 11:30am at the latest so you are ready for the pre-race meeting at 11:45am


The Hut
305 N 4th Ave

Scavenger Dash is a wildly fun urban adventure.

Teams of two solve twelve clues, scavenge items, take photos, complete fun challenges and have a wild adventure...all while discovering the city in a whole different way. It's an amazing race on a local level, where anyone can participate.


Use the promo code EARLYBIRD on the registration page

$99 per team of 2 thru 10/18
$120 thru 10/29
$130 on raceday

Maximum of 300 teams, so sign up now!

Eventbrite - Scavenger Dash Tucson 2014

In order to speed the check-in process, please print and fill out this WAIVER Under 18? No problem, but please fill out THIS WAIVER instead.

Scavenger Dash is primarily designed for adults. For those under 18, you may participate along with an adult over 18. Minimum age is 12 years.

**It should be noted that no roads are closed to accommodate you, and you are 100% responsible for your own safety while traveling which may include crossing busy streets.**

These items are not required, they can certainly be useful!
-Map of the area
-Something to snack on
-Cell phone charger
-Gallon ziplock bag to keep your clues dry in case of rain
-Dollar bills/loose change in case you need to take public transit or purchase an item
-A bandana in case you encounter a blindfolded challenge and you would like to use your own

Make sure you read and are confident
with all the FAQs and Rules

Check this page on the evening before the race for any last minute updates or announcements

Don't forget to line up a phone-a-friend. Someone with an internet connection can make all the difference when it comes to solving clues or mapping out your route!




Have pics you want us to add to the site? Email them to info@sierraadventuresports.com











Need to change a teammate or your team name?
No Problem!

Just log in to Eventbrite
Click "My Tickets",
then click on the order you wish to change.
Click the "Edit" link and don't forget to save your changes!


Scavenger Dash Tucson community involvement: YMCA

Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are needed from 11am til 4pm. Please email us and indicate which city you are interested in helping out with. Duties may include overseeing a mystery challenge, helping with check-in or handing out
t-shirts. We're saying thanks with a free entry into any of our other races!

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1/25 Phoenix

2/15 San Diego

2/16 Santa Monica

3/22 Phoenix Scavenger Ride

6/14 Chicago

6/15 Milwaukee

6/21 Omaha

6/22 Kansas City

8/23 Denver

8/24 Colorado Springs

11/15 Phoenix Scavenger Dash at Night

11/9 Tucson

11/8 Las Vegas


Team name: First Name Last Name #2 First #2 Last Time CP's
4003 Of the Clan Dosh Erin Barry Kirstin Bittel 140 11
4074 Sock Monkeys Becki Major Rane Clements 144 11
4021 Pink Ladies Katie Groeschl Laurie Merenick 201 11
4012 Clueless Nicole Edwards Christina Harbour 208 11
4052 Monsoon Carla Rodriguez Javier Todriguez 210 11
4002 Life of the Party Yvonne Barnett Richard Paige 213 11
4013 Buck Furpees Elizabeth Erkkila Rick Erkkila 219 12
4037 Live Love Laugh Brenda Lopez Robert Schuster 219 12
4068 Like a Boss Stephanie Bernstein Jason Kanis 221 11
4033 TBD Heidi Kirkland Ann Eve Pedersen 227 11
4041 McBroughton Michelle mcLoughlin Sherri Broughton 227 11
4045 Super heroes with capes Christina Nickerson Eric Nickerson 237 12
4047 Sexy Flex MANNY PEREZ Lawrence Tafoya 242 11
4007 Andrews Save the Day Regan Butler David Andrews 247 11
4075 Silver Snakes Jenna Nicolarsen Adam Davis 248 11
4005 Clumzee Ninjahs Christina Brizzolara Travis Baker 249 11
4025 Purple Raccoons Alison Harper Nick Going 250 11
4044 SMOKIN! Trish Newey CJ Newey 251 11
4062 paper planes carly zies Jeanne Lagorio 251 11
4069 Starbug Renee Brollini Michael Brollini 252 12
4071 Foxy Divas Megan Olson Melissa Taylor 253 12
4030 The Kennedys Carina Kennedy Christina Arredondo 254 12
4032 Finders Keepers Mindy King Chloe Treece 255 11
4024 Sister wives REBECCA HANLEY Tiffany Musil 256 11
4058 Amazing racers Charles Welch Sussane Segroves 258 11
4018 GERMXICO Gaby Garcia Philipp Tewes 300 12
4051 Sole Sisters Toni Riddle Debbie Sullivan 300 11
4038 Lunar Chicks Deidra Lyon Melanie Muldrow 316 11
4043 The Outsiders Stacy Moss Pooja Patel 321 11
4064 Slip Not Donna Soucy Robert Soucy 321 11
4019 BounceBack Ballgirls Ellen Geiger Brenda McGartland 322 11
4057 Google Map Gurls Lisa Stewart Nicole Gale 327 12
4031 Hybridized Orbitals MEGAN KILGORE Heather McHugh 334 11
4059 Dashing Walkers Iesha Whitfield-Walker Jeff Walker 335 11
4014 ET Tiffany Feckner Eric Larson 337 12
4039 Mountain Lions Kerina mariana Crystal Wilcox 337 12
4011 Booty Queens Kristi Ebarb Kimberly Ebarb 338 11
4034 Barcelona FC Erin Lansey Marco Ortiz 338 11
4040 McCarthy Heavy Industries Heather McCarthy Brad McCarthy 339 11
4023 Baseball Moms Lacy Gutierrez Karil Barbieux 345 12
4017 Headhunters Joan Garbe Cory Garbe 348 11
4028 It's Us Jackie Hunter Leslie Newnum 350 11
4015 Combo #5 Nancy Fung Manny Fung 351 11
4056 Moxie Foxes Alisha Stalley Ehren Keltz 400 12
4004 Dynamic Duo Nathaniel Barry Kelsie Anders 156 10
4026 Delayed Maturity Tracy Holsinger Wyman Robbins 211 10
4055 Armed Gnomes Doug Spencer Sharon Chew 248 10
4060 Soy Wasabi Tami Wood Tanya Remsburg 320 10
4046 MUTTRSQ Jeb Percival Bob Sleeper 331 10
4065 Garibay Superhero's Gabriel Garibay Deborah Martinez-G 333 10
4010 The Hoskins Sara Coder-Hoskins Brandon Hoskins 343 10
4035 Cabbage Farts Deanne Lialios Sara Zadorozny 344 10
4066 Harsin Andy Harsin Alice D'Monski 354 10
4049 Avengers Karen Quach Christopher Moreno 220 10
4054 Adventure #1 Alicia Smith Jodi Scott 243 9
4061 The B-EE Team Edy Yee JC Bernard 259 9
4027 Cruisers Sarah Hoover Brian Hoover 214 8
4053 Desert Shots Nicole Schott Gary Schott 249 8
4067 Young & Younger Melissa Young John Young 349 8
4050 The Dancing Queens Maria Reyna Dulce Mendivil 356 8
4063 Last Place Steve Kimmee-Hea Melissa Kimme-Hea 152 6
4073 The McGovern Sisters Meghan McGovern Shannon McGovern 257 5
4070 G Amigos Matt Griebel Jeanette Griebel

4072 Team Garrisa Garrett Braunreiter Lisa Kempton

4076 The innocent Englishman and bad teacher saralee Burkett Anthony Chatfield

4008 Cardinal Crew Elizabeth Cardinal April Cardinal

4009 Kahle Girls Amber Carpe Anna Kahle

4016 Tucson Newbies Shivnath Ganesan Prashanthinie Mohan

4020 G-Force Heather Grissinger Kurt Grissinger

4022 The Borrachos Adrianne Gutierrez Christopher Gutierrez

4029 Comé Queso Rebecca Hyson David Delawder

4036 Team Sir Winston Krista Lillich Jake Lillich

4042 ANARCHY99 Annet Mejia Steve Mejia

4048 Price is Right Angelina Price Gregg Price

WTF: Where's the Finish? Cameron Reno Morgan Young

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